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Seminars and Workshops

A series of workshops and special training sessions for future therapists, teachers and trainers, or those eager to intensify their flower power experience.

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Taking flower essences is a very profound experience. There are deep seated issues that can be triggered during intake. My workshops and seminars are designed to intensify your Flower Power Experience, by teaching not only about the flowers and their great virtues, but also letting you experience them safely and on a deep level, using techniques such as meditation, mantra chanting and group work.
First-hand knowledge is a must when you choose to make this type of therapeutic work your own. When working with clients, a therapist must be there for them and handle their very personal life-stories with solid knowledge, profound understanding and lots of respect.
In order to safely guide you, I have provided the NaturEssence Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Workshop of one day each. Participants completing the 3 courses have a possibility to receive their therapist- certificates after submitting their case-studies, those who do not wish to work with the essences may skip this step.

  • The Basic Flower Power Workshop* informs you about the making, history and pioneers of Flower Essences as well as about the currently 27 NaturEssences and 7 Sprays. After completing it, you will be aware of the most common methods available for finding your personal flower-elixir and be confident in using it for yourself.
  • The Intermediate Workshop* is all about learning how to determine the method of choosing the essences that suits you best and using it for family and friends. You will furthermore have a first go at making your own essence-mix which you will then take home and use. After completion, you’ll be actively working with your own set of NaturEssences, which you can buy for a reduced price right after the workshop.
  • Qualification for the Advanced Workshop*:
  • In order to be admitted to the Advanced Workshop and become a NaturEssence-certified Flower Power therapist, you must provide me with case-studies, of about 200 words each, of 3 family-members and/or friends who have taken one or several flower essences proposed by you.
  • The Advanced Workshop*is an active training on client-therapist relations, essence-mixing and working with the flower meditation, after completion of which you will get a certificate.
    As a registered and certified therapist, you can buy stock bottles, elixirs and sprays for a special therapist rate.
  • The AniMagic Training Class* is a day-course; introducing you to the world of our friends from the Animal Kingdom, finding what they need, the gifts they have for us and how we can communicate with them on a deeper level. Case studies for admission to the Advanced Workshop may include AniMagic Elixirs, as they consist of NaturEssence mixes.
  • CORESSENCES day *or weekend courses are available to discover the fascinating world of these very powerful and intense elixirs. Find your very own way to a balanced, harmonious lifestyle, enhanced wellbeing, and a deeper understanding of the elements surrounding us.

Businesses, hotels and therapy centres offering my seminars as staff training might benefit from a reduced fare, as I am an MQA-approved therapist in Mauritius.