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A taste of Paradise

Take off for a day out in the green, meet local people and visit their gardens, to harvest and eat whatever grows in paradise according to season and weather.

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During the tropical summer months, between October and April, I take visitors on a discovery-tour of various gardens, where endemic species grow beside fruit trees, flowers and vegetables in lush abundance. Fruit- and vegetable tasting with tisanes or juices according to season is a part of this tour. During harvest, participants have ample opportunity to pick their own fruits, such as bananas, mangos, passion fruit, pineapples, avocados, lychees, tangerines etc. As some of the gardens are privately owned, this is also an ideal opportunity to ask questions about the cultivation and preparation of Mauritius' nature treasures. Lunch is provided as a veggie-picnic and is included in the arrangement.  It can also be taken in a nearby restaurant for a small additional fee.

Recommended: sturdy shoes, sunscreen, and mosquito-repellent.

Fee: 80 Euro including hotel transfer. 3 to 10 participants.