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The NaturEssences are my core-range of 27 elixirs and 7 sprays made from the powerful and magical flowers of Mauritius, all of them island-grown in their specific and protected environment, some of them endemic and rare. The sprays are enriched with essential oils from all over the world.

What are Flower Essences?
Flower essences are natural health elixirs, containing the healing vibration from the most beautiful and evolved part of the plants: the flowers.
Flower essences have proven to be health-generating in many areas of our lives. They are not therapeutic drugs, but rather catalysts, harmonising body mind and spirit.  Working on an emotional level they help dealing with blocked emotions, feelings and belief patterns, held in the subconscious mind. Negative attitudes with consequent reactions in life situations can cause unpleasant mental states and physical disease. They can thus turn into obstacles, keeping us from achieving our desired goals.
Medical science today recognises that stress and negative mind states may alter body chemistry and create physical disease.
NaturEssences help balance body mind and spirit, thus contributing to the prevention of illness and the maintenance of a happy and balanced lifestyle.

The NaturEssences-Range

Island Rescue
The “Crisis Relief Remedy” for acute stress, trauma or emergency for fast rebalancing of body mind and soul. Available as drops and Aura Spray, enriched with essential oil of Ylang Ylang and Citronella.

Baume de l’ile Plate
Step out of time and experience the here and now, an eternal place of happiness and fulfilment. This very pure essence was produced on Ilot Gabriel from one of the rarest plants on earth.   

The truth essence, rebalancing of the solar plexus; fosters self-love and self-esteem, brings clarity.

Bird of Paradise
Experience a deep understanding that one must surrender to spirituality in order to experience true humility and a sense of being good enough for all things in life.
A gentle help for those dealing with pain on a conscious or unconscious level: replacing it by happiness in the “Here and Now”.

Dark Red Hibiscus
Discover that working with your shadow self can actually be like a voyage to discover a source of immense pure power.

Ethelion/Yellow Zephyr Flower
Access to your inner light shining in times of need; helpful for all those stuck in situations in life, where an extra-dose of courage is required so they may cheerfully come out at the other end.  

Enhancing meditation - hence fostering spiritual growth and a better understanding of the “other world”.

Brings about a deep feeling of physical wellbeing; allows those hesitant of being touched to experience pleasure and a deep feeling of satisfaction during therapy and massage.

This native Mauritian hibiscus helps experiencing marital bliss; looking confidently forward to future children and enjoying the sacredness of love.

Island Rose
This mix of island grown roses brings about a feeling of being thoroughly cared for and appreciated. Island Rose is the incorporation of unconditional love on a very high level.   

Brightens up ones mood and brings sunshine into all situations that require an extra-positive attitude; also great on dull, bleak winter days or in “Monday Morning”-situations.

Mixed Bougainvillea
Gently takes you by the hand and on a trip inside yourself to find your own inner core, a place of eternal wisdom, light and beauty.

Night Blooming Jasmine
The only essence prepared by the light of the full moon. Brings out hidden inner aspects like passion and intuition and helps turning them into powerful tools to enrich your every day’s life.

For all those dealing with father issues, new-born fathers, fatherless children or single mothers. Super Daddy Essence balances the inner father aspect.

Passionflower/ Grenadine
Fostering the comprehension that nothing in life is permanent except for life itself; helps to stay centered in the heart, overcome the suffering and understand its greater good.

Pink Goblet/Pink Fairy Lily
Strengthens and mends the heart, helps recover from sadness grief and bad experiences, provides the little extra ounce of strength required to keep going if the going gets tough.

Ravinala - Traveller’s Tree
A gentle but strong spiritual protection for all kinds of voyages; at the same time helping those who have travelled far and finally arrived to settle at their destination.

This indispensable elixir brings peaceful nights for babies and their parents; and harmonious days through a softening of the ways in which people deal with each other.

Sugar Cane
Like no other, this essence harmonises damage and suffering caused by addiction, materialism and a disregard for the true values in life.

The National Flower of Mauritius brings a soft and gentle aura of comfort and loving care; allowing healing to set in after loss of control, deep pain and trauma.

Veloutier Blanc/White Fur Tree
“The sky’s the limit”, increases concentration, helps students and those experiencing trials in life to surpass their own limitations and soar up high

White Bougainvillea
Experience the gentle force of angel’s embrace, helping you through life’s hardship and challenges, making you feel safe and sound at all times.

Ylang Ylang
As stress is one of the greatest challenges for health, Ylang Ylang helps the system relax on a very deep level; hence allowing the process of healing to set in.  

The Sprays

Inner Beauty
A blend of flower elixirs to understand and concentrate on the true values in life, for those who are never cease in their quest for perfection. Enriched with essential oil of Frangipani.

Island Rescue Spray
The “Crisis Relief Remedy” for acute stress, trauma or emergency for fast rebalancing of body mind and soul, enriched with essential oils of Lemongrass and Ylang Ylang.

The essence of Foxtail enriched with a blend of essential oils for enhanced concentration and trust in your spirit guides; enhances meditation and fosters a working relationship with your Inner Voice or Guardian Angel.

My Courage
A blend of flower power enriched with essential oils; helpful in any challenging situation such as tests and trials, mobbing, travelling or simply to boost your self-esteem.

Peaceful Sleep
Harmonising and soothing blend of essences and essential oils, ideally to be sprayed onto the pillow before going to bed; helps letting go and “falling” asleep whilst feeling thoroughly nurtured and cared for.

Stress Management
Containing the flower essence as well as the essential oil of Ylang Ylang, this spray provides fast relief in tense, tough and stressful situations; can even be helpful in case of high blood pressure..

The Universal Love Aura Spray
This blend of Flower Essences comes with the irresistible perfume of real vanilla and creates an aura of perfect wellness and harmony – wonderful to calm down babies and very effective during strenuous car drives.