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 Welcome to CORESSENCES, NaturEssences and AniMagic Elixirs, the vibrational remedies made with love and care on the island of Mauritius.
Reflecting the spectacular nature beauty and exotic plant life of our island in the Indian Ocean, they are great teachers to balance body, mind and soul.
Reflecting the energies of the elements, the CORESSENCES have been produced on specific power-spots of Mauritius and La Reunion.
The NaturEssences are made from various flowers of Mauritius, all of them island-grown in their specific and protected environment, some of them endemic and rare.
AniMagic Elixirs are specifically created to help our animal friends meet the challenges they are facing in today’s human-dominated world.
Along with my product range, I offer a day-trip to have “A Taste of Paradise”, Flower Power consultations as well as seminars in Mauritius and abroad.
I am happy to share the gifts of the islands with you!
Peace and Love