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Training Programme

A series of workshops and special training sessions for future therapists, teachers and trainers, or those eager to intensify their flower power experience.

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Please bear in mind that taking flower essences is a very profound experience. There are deep seated issues that can be triggered during intake. Hence when working with clients, you must be there to handle them and their very personal stories with solid knowledge, profound understanding and lots of respect. So before setting out to work with the essences, you must be confident and able to offer professional services.
First-hand knowledge is a must when it comes to this type of therapeutic work. Going in and starting to make up your own elixirs without previous experience is downright dangerous and can not only damage your clients, but also the reputation of the trade.  
In order to safely guide you through your flower power experience, I have provided a Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Workshop of one day each.

  • The Basic Flower Power Workshop* informs you about the making, history and pioneers of Flower Essences as well as about the currently 24 NaturEssences and 6 Sprays. After this workshop, you will know which essence to choose and what methods to use for finding your personal flower-mix.
  • The Intermediate Workshop* is all about creating essence-mixes for family, friends, and loved ones. Now you learn how to determine your method of choosing the essences and become confident in using it.  After completion, you’ll be actively working with your own set of NaturEssences, which you can buy for a reduced price right after the workshop.
  • Qualification for the Advanced Workshop*: In order to be a NaturEssence-certified Flower Power therapist, you must provide me with case-studies, of about 200 words each, of 3 family-members and/or friends who have taken a flower essence mix provided by you.
  • The Advanced Workshop* is an active training on client-therapist relations, essence-mixing and working with the flower meditation.
    As registered and certified therapist, you can buy your elixirs for a reduced price.
  • Qualification for the Master Class* Participants of this course are required to obtain 12 case descriptions of clients who have taken essence-mixes made by them. Note clients original state, explain why and how you chose the elixirs in the mix, how you determined the dosage, and describe client’s consequent reaction, in a brief case history. (Minimum 200 words, signed by client).
    Meeting with for half a day of personal talk and evaluation in a private setting.
  • The 2-days Master Class* takes place at my atelier and garden. Together we work on elixir-making, I will show you the tools and teach you how to guide and protect yourself when dealing with guardians and entities of the Flower and Plant Kingdom. You will make your own elixir during this 2-days intensive Master Class of maximum 7 participants, from the many flowers and plants in and around my garden.
  • The Teacher Class* can be arranged for a minimum of 5 participants. It takes 2 intensive days at my atelier, during which you will learn how to work with the NaturEssences PPP.
  • The AniMagic Training Class* Working with our friends from the Animal Kingdom, finding what they need, the gifts they have for us and how we can communicate better. 1 day and an afternoon.

Businesses, hotels and therapy centres offering my seminars as staff training might benefit from a reduced fare, as I am an MQA-approved therapist in Mauritius.