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  • I am Birgitta,
  • I am Birgitta,

    A therapist, writer and journalist from landlocked Switzerland. Being fascinated by tropical islands all my life, I travelled far to visit the most beautiful ones and finally settled in Mauritius in 2001.
    I love my island-home and its unique tropical plant life which inspired me to produce my holistic nature products, write and teach about them and take tourists to see where they grow in their natural habitat.


    • AniMagic Elixir

      AniMagic Elixirs

      6 flower essence mixes created for our loyal companions from the Animal Kingdom; who understand us beyond words, and stick with us through thick and thin.

    • the Coressence Medical Wheel


      A range of environmental essences prepared on nature sites in Mauritius and La Reunion Island, their energies corresponding with the elements

    • The Naturessence Leaf


      These flower elixirs made from the tropical flowers of Mauritius help balance body mind and spirit, thus contributing to a happy and balanced lifestyle.

      • NaturEssence: Rs. 380
      • NaturEssence Spray: Rs. 400
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Birgitta Holenstein Ramsurn


Welcome to Tropicelixirs, the vibrational remedies made with love and care on the island of Mauritius.

Reflecting the spectacular nature beauty and exotic plant life of our island in the Indian Ocean, they are great teachers to help you learning more about yourself and how to balance your body, mind and soul.


The CORESSENCES have been produced in harmony with the elements on specific power-spots of Mauritius and the islets surrounding it. They contain the energies of Air, Earth, Water, Fire, Metal and Wood combined with the vibrations of the Volcano on neighbouring Reunion Island.

The NaturEssences

The NaturEssences my core-range of 24 elixirs made from the powerful and magical flowers of Mauritius, all of them island-grown in their specific and protected environment, some of them endemic and rare.

The AniMagic Elixirs

The AniMagic Elixirs are a range of flower essence-mixes particularly reflecting the challenges animals face in today’s human-dominated society and help animal friends cope with grief and sorrow, when their beloved furry family member passes over the Rainbow Bridge.

Along with my product range, I offer nature-walks, Flower Power Events and seminars in German, French and English, in Mauritius and abroad.

Let’s share the gifts of nature, with Love, Peace and Mother Nature’s Blessings



During this 45 minutes consultation Birgitta establishes your personal flower essence mix and provides interesting information about your present life situation.

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Training Programme

Training Programme

A series of workshops and special training sessions for future therapists, teachers and trainers, or those eager to intensify their flower power experience.

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A taste of Paradise

A taste of Paradise

Take off for a day out in the green, meet local people and visit their gardens, to harvest and eat whatever grows in paradise according to season and weather.

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